One of the many “Bed and Breakfast” in Jefferson, TX
Blackburn’s Syrup…doesn’t get any better! Made in Jefferson!
My secret sin! But it says it is good for you! Must not be a sin after all!!

In just two days my husband will get a much needed vacation, and I will get much wanted time with him!  We are headed to historical Jefferson, Texas.  Jefferson offers steamboat rides, horse and buggy tours, a historical district with antique shops and great eateries!!

They are home to “Blackburn’s Syrup” the best syrup on the face of the earth!!  They sell it by the box along with jellies….sounds like good Christmas gifts doesn’t it?   And I wonder why I am not losing weight???  Go figure!!

Jefferson is really best known for the beautiful  “Bed and Breakfast” they have there!   There are many old homes that have been renovated to offer the feel of a step back in time, but with modern day conveniences and beauty!

There is one place in town where they have a WONDERFUL Christian gift and book store.  Across the street from it is  the best barbecue you have ever dreamed of eating!!  It looks like something from the 1960s right down to the old screen doors with a Coca-Cola sign hinged onto the bottom.

I will take lots of pictures and will hopefully be able to post them each day!  Oh, I can hear the trailer wheels turning now!  🙂


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