When my children were little and would fall or hurt themselves someway I would know when and if they were really hurt by the type of cry they had.  The one that would send my heart racing is when they would open their mouths and no sound would come out!  That one was horrible!!  I knew they were truly hurt.  The one that came with tears and whining I knew was they were afraid they were hurt instead of actually being hurt!  At times like this I didn’t make a big deal out of things and they knew if I wasn’t scared they didn’t have any reason to be either!  Why?  Because they knew Momma and how much Momma loved them!  That I would never neglect them, but would always protect them (overly much many times).  They knew they could trust my reaction!  If I had made a big deal out of it, it would only have made things worse!  There would be unnecessary upset and tears!

It was funny but while I was camping a family pulled in to a spot across from me.  They had two children, a boy and a girl.  The boy looked to be about eight and the girl about five.  They had little scooters and the little boy would get on his, coast for a bit, get off, act like he had fallen to the ground, and then would begin to inspect his knee!  He did this several times.  The little girl finally came outside and when she saw him do it,  she decided to do it, too.  Not once did either of these children actually fall, but they were great actors!!  They looked like they had actually fallen and had damaged themselves in some way.  I noticed their parents paid no attention to this behavior whatsoever.   Soon the  kids were helping their parents and their little “game” was over.  Without the drama and attention, they had no reason to keep up the charade!   I began to think back to when I was a young mother.  I would have absolutely panicked!  I would have screamed my husband’s name (because I can’t stand the sight of blood) and all the while still running to my children!  I would have panicked and for nothing!  It would have just been a joy and peace stealer when there was nothing to have my peace and joy stolen over!

It is funny but our Christian lives can be just like this!  Some Christians cry and whine over every little bump in the road, detour of their plan, or anything else that doesn’t quite go perfectly in their opinions!  Believe me, the devil takes note of this!  Have you ever noticed the more frustrated you get the more happens to frustrate you?  You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours!”  If satan can get you in a huff, anxious, fretting, or angry over the least thing, there is more to follow!  More opportunities to fret, worry, and whine!!  You can count on it!!!!

Other Christians act like every unplanned thing is an opportunity!  They embrace it!  For them it is an adventure in faith!  It is an opportunity to listen to God and hear Him more clearly.  It is God redirecting them so they are in the right place at the right time or they aren’t in the wrong place at the wrong time!  They are optimist to the inth degree!  They don’t worry about ANYTHING!  Why should they??  Everything happens for their good and the Bible says so!  God perfects ALL things concerning us!  God tells us not to fret about anything so what is the point??  Have you ever noticed that these people have less trouble than our first group, the frustrated about everything basically Christians?  Why is that?  Because if satan can get you to magnify your trouble it opens the door for him to bring on more!   Do not fret— it only causes harm —Psalm 37:8 

There it is, in black and white!  Fretting (frustration, worry, anger) is nothing more than a trouble magnet!   To fret means to literally “get out of joint”.  How funny!  That is an expression we use when we tell people not to get angry.  We literally say, “Aww,  don’t get yourself all out of joint!”  Now we know where that expression comes from!

Amazingly, with the second group of Christians, they seem  more attuned to God.  They are waiting, resting, listening, knowing God has their best in mind at ALL times!  This is the key to “rest” vs. “fret”.  They KNOW Him and the power of His might, not their own!  They know in and of themselves they can do nothing, but with God ALL things are possible because they not only know the word, they know God’s character as “Father”!  They are on a first name basis with Him!  When He speaks they hear immediately and obey, knowing God has a better idea!!

Don’t make a big deal out of ANYTHING, dear reader!  God has you and your best interest at heart!  What you have tried to make happen has done nothing but wear you out!  Give it to God and watch Him steer you to the very place you need to be right when you need to be there!

Thank you for stopping by!  I so appreciate you taking your valuable time to read my posts!!  See you again very soon!!!


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