This is not an inspirational post, this is an I need inspiration now post!  My husband and I have lived in the same neighborhood since 1991.  I live three blocks from my parents in the neighborhood I grew up in.

When I was a little girl, you could not find a safer more peaceful place in my town.  Everyone liked each other.  Everyone was a good neighbor and looked out for one another.  I would say they looked out for each other’s property, but we didn’t have a neighborhood where that was necessary!  It was the Ward and June Cleaver neighborhood of Tvland!

When we sold our home in a neighboring town, we had our children and I taught school in my hometown and this is where we wanted to raise our children.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a great place to live!!  But the neighborhood isn’t what my husband and I are wanting anymore.  Our children are grown….this neighborhood is  a great place to raise kids and there are plenty of them.  People have bought homes here to use as rental property and the renters have teen-age kids.  Need I say more??  Everytime a car door opens now the dogs bark like we are being burglarized and have to give warning to the entire town, not just us!  This in turns drives me insane!!!!

We have come to the place in our lives we want to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee, a cool breeze sweeping through as we sit and rock and listen to the birds sing. We want to watch sunrises and sunsets in peace and quiet!  We want the country!!  Not redbug (or chiggers as we call them in Texas) country where you have to soak in a tub and slather soap on you until it takes two tubs of water to get it all off and then coat yourself  inches  thick in Mentholatum, not mosquitoes that carry you off  and God only knows where you will land country, but suburbanized country!   I want to be able to go into town within ten minutes to get  bread and milk if I should so want, but be able to drive back out to a place where it is just my husband and me and there are no neighbors for at least the length of a football field!

I want to finally have my dream cottage and to be able to write in peace!  Right now this seems to be a tall order, but if I can get my husband on board I will be packing within seconds!!  Oh, I can even see what I want.  I can envision its loveliness and the tranquility of quiet!  What do they say if you can see it you can have it?  I SEE IT, I SEE IT!!

Some things cannot be bought like peace and quiet….or can they?  If they can, I’m ready to invest!  My camping spot is looking better all the time!   Too bad the Corps of Engineers don’t offer permanent residences!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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