15 “But so much the more the news spread abroad concerning Him, and great crowds kept coming together to hear [Him] and to be healed by Him of their infirmities.

16 But He Himself withdrew [in retirement] to the wilderness (desert) and prayed.”  Luke 5:15-16

Have you ever had a “what next” moment?  It is so important to use “alone” times for prayer, and sometimes you have to purposely get alone!  My alone time is when everyone has gone to bed and I am all by myself in the middle of the night.  It seems that is when I hear the Lord the most clearly!  When all noise has fallen into silence. I long for these moments!  No dogs are barking at “nothingness”, no phones are ringing or notifying me of something that is of no consequence.  No interruptions whatsoever!

These are the times you get filled back up what you have poured out of yourself into the lives of others.  It is like an olive oil dispenser.  You pour the oil out of it into your pan to cook.  As you do, as you well know, the dispenser grows shorter and shorter of the supply that is needed.  You can’t get something out of an empty vessel.  That is what it is like with our lives.  We pour ourselves and the stored anointing into others. It is  the anointing God poured out and into us during our alone time with Him.  When the next need arises, we have to be able to pour out from God’s anointed supply again or we don’t do much good!  We have to keep” filling”  back up!

I can always tell when I have gotten too busy to fill back up properly.  When I am full and “overflowing” I have answers I would not normally have.  I am able to pray in a mightier way over people and give out of myself things they have need of by the power of God.  When I have neglected to fill back up it shows up in my thinking, conversation, and my lack of ability to be of much use to those God brings for me to minister to!   I  have to try to answer from my logic and reasoning.  That is short-changing others because only God knows their inner most heart and I may not be as logical and wise as I may think I sound!  No wonder God tells us not to lean to our own understanding and He tells us to walk in the spirit!

I had someone call today in desperate need of prayer.  This person had gone through a very serious struggle for some time.  I noticed as I talked to them, this person was not experiencing much of an effect!  I could also tell I was having to pull and pull instead of the anointing flowing and me flowing with it!  I was disappointed in myself that I was not of more help to this person.  As I thought about it, I realized for two days I had been extraordinarily busy.  I had gotten up last night and had prayer time, but it was short because of my tiredness and focused in one direction. In other words, I had done most of the talking instead of listening as I should have!  I was not properly filled back up to do what was so necessary for this dear person!

This was the reason  Jesus was coming away from the crowd to go into the wilderness to be alone.  He was going to pray. He was going to commune with His Father!  Even, Jesus on the earth needed that time of getting filled back up!  The crowds had thronged Him so much, He needed a time of being reinfused with all He had given.   If we aren’t careful  people,  unknowingly,  will drain us.  We will be running here, there, and everywhere.  We will be pouring so much of ourselves out, we can actually feel the emptiness at the end of the day!  We have been so busy we weren’t able to take the time to fill back up again.  At that point, usually you will drop into bed and that night of alone time with God is gone before you know it because of sheer exhaustion.  That is why it has to be an “on purpose” thing.

Don’t be afraid of the alone times!  Embrace them because they are precious!!  They may even be orchestrated by God for our benefit!  Use them to your advantage to fill back up again.

Thank you for stopping by, dear reader!  I hope you come back soon!


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