Today I decided to spoil my husband.  Since he spoiled me rotten on Friday for my birthday I wanted to do something for him.  I decided to ask what would he like for me to do in return. Thank God I was sitting down in the car when he told me.  Just as serious as he could be,  he looked over at me and said, “Make Tater Tot Casserole.”  I thought, of all the things in the world he wants that???  “Are you serious??”  I reply in shock!  “Yes”, was all he said.

I “retired” from cooking 4 years ago.  That is when my last little eaglet flew the nest!  I convinced my husband it was so much cheaper for two to eat out than it was to cook for two, which is next to impossible!  He gave in and I have been able to retire my pots and pans UNTIL today.  I thought of all the sweet things he had done for me and I thought there was no better time than the present.

I got in the car, because I definitely had to make a grocery run.  I looked at my car thermometer and it said a whopping 102 degrees!!  I thought, “Boy, with it this hot a strawberry cake sure would be good!  I’ll double surprise him with dessert!!”  I get to the store and start shopping.  I think of the strawberry cake and think, “Now, what kind of icing would he like best?”  This definitely requires an urgent phone call!!  I call him and when he answers I tell him to make sure he is sitting down I have a surprise that is going to be quite shocking!  I tell him and he then tells me he has to go, because he has to call 9-1-1!  He is such a drama king!!!!  Where does that come from????  🙂

I get back home and I begin to look for my cookbook that has Tater Tot Casserole in it.  I can’t find it anywhere!!! I panic!  Then I remember the internet and Google!  Praise the Lord, all is not lost.  I find this great site that had the recipe and I will definitely go back to  it.  As I begin to make it, I decide to double the gravy.  My husband LOVES gravy and it seems like a good idea.  At least, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I double it and look and think,” Hmmmm, that looks a little much.  Well, that is okay because he loves his food creamy!”  I proceed to ice the cake I had made earlier.

I sit down for a bit, because I haven’t worked this hard in awhile and the next thing I know he will be home in 15 minutes.  YIKES!  I forgot to put the cheese on!  I throw the cheese on and shove it back in the oven.  I can’t wait for him to get home.  I hear his truck pull in and the dogs go nuts and run to the door to meet him!  I am right behind them, very proud of myself.  There goes that pride thing again!  When will I learn that is  always the beginning of trouble??

I open the door, ready for my hello kiss and instead I hear out of my sweet husband’s mouth, “Let the eating COMMENCE!!!”  I was floored!  He NEVER eats when he first gets home!  He always works out. watches a little T.V., and then slowly meanders to the kitchen to find a can of something.  I had not seen him this excited since our wedding day (well, practically)!!!

I set the table with the good dishes (since he is so happy I wanted to do it up right) and bring the casserole to the table.  I stick a BIG spoon in it because this is his favorite dish and I knew he would want a lot!  When I do a horrible sight meets my eyes!!!  I see something watery surface!  It is watery gravy and LOTS of it!!  OH NO!!!!  This can’t be!!  I look at him and say…

Something terrible has happened!!


I don’t know, but if it is as bad as I think it is be gentle!!  I wanted so badly for this to be perfect for you!

It will be fine!

I see his eyes as he sees the watery gravy.  I cringe with disappointment!  He gets a couple of spoonfuls and begins to drown it in ketchup.  I warn him not to make it anymore watery than it already is!  He takes a bite.  I can see him hiding slight disappointment, but I am tough I can take it!

How is it?

It is good!

Really???  You aren’t just being sweet??


Good enough to have it for lunch tomorrow?


Well, I’ll know if you are lying if I see you sneaking out for a salad later! (He always ate salads when we first married  because I couldn’t cook!)

Ahhhh, sweet relief!  I am a little let down because my favorite cookbook is M.I.A. and the recipe didn’t turn out perfectly, but thank goodness his favorite cake saved the day!  Who would know a simple Tater Tot Casserole could cause so much excitement in one household??


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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