Rice heart.

Today my husband took me to celebrate my birthday. Tuesday is actually my birthday that is why he actually calls it my birthMONTH because I celebrate it almost everyday of the month!  He takes me out and spends the day with me doing everything I love without any complaints.  He even smiles wide when I look at him to see what he is thinking!  Then, my children take me to celebrate.  Then, my parents and all the family go out to celebrate (these are separate days).  Then I have friends that take me out and celebrate!  Hence, it is not my birthDAY, but my birthMONTH!   I love it!!!

I think today was more like Christmas for me.  I have never been so lavished on my birthday by my husband as I was today.  God is so good to have blessed me with the best guy, besides my dad and grandfather I have ever known!

It started with new hub caps for my car.  If I was writing for “Consumer Reports” I would not rate a Toyota Camry’s hub caps very high at all…in fact they would be in the negatives.  They come off with any little bump and they are 78.00 a piece to replace them!  I have lost three so far!  My husband found a place that deals in just hub caps and got me a beautiful set that WON’T come off as I drive!  All four were 65.00 and they are NICE!!  I love it when you get a good deal!  Funny, I have never in my life thought about hub caps until now. Suddenly, from my 10 minute tutorial  the owner gave me I can tell you all sorts of things and spot them on cars going full speed!  Who would have thought it??

Next he took me to my favorite Japanese restaurant.  I love it there because they entertain you around a “Hibatchi” grill with all sorts of tricks they do with eggs and a spatula! They make hearts out of your rice and,  all the while, they are cracking jokes and make you laugh all the calories off!

After the restaurant, we went to the Verizon store and I got an “I Phone Speak”.  Now this one was a shocker!  I knew I had pestered for an I Phone for about 3 months, but I had no idea my husband would take me in and basically say, “The sky is the limit!”  Oh, happy day!!!  Now if I can just figure out what button to push to make this thing work!  I can answer it and hang up after a call, but that is as far as I have gotten.  The kids will show me, they know all kinds of things like this!

And, almost last of all (the day is not over yet) he took me to my favorite yogurt spot.  Oh, sweet goodness!  It was so special, not because of all that my husband gave me in “things”,  but in all that he gave of himself, which is what I will always want more than anything!  The most valuable things in life just cannot be bought! This kind of love is a perfect example of that.   I am so glad God has blessed me so richly with a family that loves me so!

Have a great day, dear reader!  Blessings to you!!


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