From right to left…Martha, Kathy (my pastor), and me

“A gentle tongue [with its healing power] is a tree of life…”  Proverbs 15:4a

Some time back, I went through a very severe hurt.  I literally thought I would never be the same.  I had walked through forgiveness in what had been done to me and I struggled greatly to understand it all.  To this day I don’t understand it!  I have had to “cast my care” of it on God knowing He will take care of all things. I have come to the conclusion it is best for me NOT to think about it and it is okay for me not to totally understand it because God, Who is faithful, does!  I did not get to this place overnight!  It took longer than I care to admit.  And, I had some help in dealing with it.  The help came in a form and in a timing I didn’t expect!

One morning as I was getting ready for the day my phone rang.  It was a friend of mine.  Her name is Martha.  Little did I know but Martha had prayed for me.  This particular day, God spoke a word to her about me and this situation, and was it ever a word  “in due season”!   I didn’t tell Martha, but that morning, yet again, I was having to purposefully walk through forgiveness over this thing that seemed to never end!  Everytime I turned around it seemed as if  this thing was being flung at me in some way!  I began to become disheartened and weary with it!  I thought a normal and life of joy may never be mine again!  It was if there was no end in sight!   What is funny is Martha and I have said hello to one another, had a laugh or two, but we have never been “hanging” buddies.  It isn’t like Martha could have known that day I was saddened by this thing because something had happened to hurt me all over again  that very week. When I answered the phone, Martha didn’t beat around the bush.  She told me straight out what God said about it, told me she loved me, and that basically was it.  As Martha began to speak what God had told her I began to be overcome with joy!  I began to cry tears of joy and praise God in my home!  I felt like I had been in the desert and I had topped the mountain and there was a pool of fresh water awaiting me to drink from and nourish me!  I could freely eat and drink of the things of God again and immense JOY filled my heart and mind!!.  It was over and I was walking into a ready promise God had made me long ago!  It was as though I were an eagle who had not been able to fly and suddenly I had the faith to spread my wings, because of  the word Martha gave me.  As I did, the wind of the Holy Spirit, picked me up and carried me over all the silliness of that trial and JOY returned to me!!   There was something else there, too.  Courage as I had not known in years began to infuse me!  Courage to step out on what God said about me, not what people said OF me!  It wasn’t long after that call I began to blog.  Martha had been an instrument of God’s love and she had spoken the thoughts and purposes of God that gave me fresh hope and determination!!  Thank God for servants like Martha.  Those servants that are quick to obey and don’t put off prayer and aren’t afraid of what people think.  They are loyal soldiers of the Lord and they carry out His commands.  Sometimes those words may save a platoon, but sometimes they save one lonely soldier.  A “will I ever get back home, again and will I ever feel the peace and joy of home, again” soldier!  Whatever it may be, an obedient, full of love servant, affects more than you know, even if it is an audience of one!  Thank God for the Martha’s of the world that let God freely work through them to bring healing and restoration!

Did that situation ever go away, you may ask?  Not completely.  But, the funny thing is, I really don’t care anymore!  I rarely think about it and when I do, which is seldom, I say a prayer of mercy, grace and blessing!  I then go on my joyfilled way.  God has far too much in store for me to waste my time on little things that don’t matter in my life anyway!

Are you in a place like this, dear reader?  Maybe today you are experiencing something that has “turned your world upside down”.  There is joy awaiting you, too!!  There is a river that you can drink from that nourishes and strengthens you, as well as brings great joy and it never runs dry!  All are welcome!  Come and drink deeply.  Jesus has all you need!  He is an everlasting supply of everything you need!

Blessings to you today and always!  May God bless you with all good things!  See you soon!

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