John 5:6-7 “When Jesus noticed him lying there helpless, knowing that he had already been there a long time in that condition, He said to him, Do you really want to become well?  The invalid answered, Sir, I have nobody when the water is moving to put me into the pool; BUT while I am trying to come into it myself, somebody else steps down ahead of me.  Jesus said to him, Get up!  Pick up your bed and walk! Instantly, the man became well and recovered his strength and picked up his bed and walked…”
     Do you ever wonder why people will pray and it often seems as though their prayers are not getting an answer. They seem to be doing all the right things.  They speak the word, pray, attend church, and live a life as close to being sinless as possible, but still nothing seems to be working for them. They are a mess!
     Recently, a woman came to me for prayer over a very serious matter she was facing.  As I began to tell her what the word said about her situation she would interrupt me before I could finish telling her what the Lord was speaking to me about it and would say, “Yes, but…”  She then would tell me how bad her problems were, how she has always been “marked” for sorrow her entire life, how she had been abused throughout her life and she had no friends.  Finally, God spoke to me and said, “Let her go.  She doesn’t want deliverance, she wants to be petted and she is not going to receive anything you are telling her!”
      I am not making light of abuse!  Abuse is real and if it has happened to you,  my friend, I truly feel for you!   Everyone has had bad experiences in life.  Not a single person walking the face of the earth has never had some form of hurt occur to them! This is part of this fallen world we live in, and there is no escaping it until we get to Heaven!   We don’t have to live being affected by those hurts or future hurts the rest of our lives, or even for one day for that matter!
     I asked the Lord what was wrong in people like this.  I have run into it again and again over the years.  What He told me surprised  me!  He said, “They have traded My PROMISES OF DELIVERANCE for secular “Freudian” psychology!” People think they have to keep looking back at their past to get peace for today and uproot whatever is bugging them.  Have you noticed that when people do this, they never uproot one thing?  They just become more miserable.
     God said for us to NOT look backward, but to Him who is the author and finisher of our faith.  He also said whom the Son has set free is free indeed!  He also tells us that every root that isn’t planted of Him HE WILL UPROOT!  WE don’t uproot it, HE does!  Now, He may show you something in your life you need to get rid of, like always looking back at the past, but God is the one who gives us the power to do it and causes us to lead an overcoming life!  Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world.  He tells us in ALL of our ways HE causes us to TRIUMPH!  He also says the one who puts their hand to the plow and looks back (to the past) is not fit for the kingdom!  Why?  Because, when you are plowing and not looking straight ahead your furrows are crooked.  All of your planting is just chaotic and you end up not harvesting anything! You can’t even weed your garden to harvest because everything is confused with chaos!  You can’t tell a plant from a weed!
     As we look back at our scripture we see the invalid man doing the exact same thing.  He was telling Jesus he wanted in the water BUT every time it stirred, somebody else was always getting ahead of him.  He had NOBODY to put him in the water! In other words, he was friendless.
     I have often wondered why he didn’t just roll to the edge and when the pool began to stir he didn’t just roll right in to it himself!  He was so busy feeling sorry for himself, he couldn’t see the obvious.  He marked himself for failure to receive healing!  Then when Jesus, Himself came to deliver him, he started in with the “buts” so to speak!
      Do you know in the Hebrew and Greek, the word “but” is a word that cancels out what has been spoken previously?   You can speak the powerful word of God all day long and then when you say “but” you have just cancelled out your promises and tied your angels hands from bringing your prayers to fruition.  The word “but” actually negates!
     Think about human courts and human agreements.  How many times have you heard people say “We normally give discounts on this item, BUT our policy has changed and we no longer do”, etc..  Think of how you stiffened and inwardly cringed when you heard BUT!  Why? Because you knew negative news was coming!
     Remember, we are not goats, we are sheep!!  The word tells us on the day of judgement the goats will be put on one side and the sheep on the other.  The sheep will make heaven, the goats will be sent to the tormenting fires of hell.  Goats “butt”!  You are a sheep, not a goat!  Stop butting!!
     God has promised and given the path that is full of joy and life.  Walk the new path, not the path of the past!  Grow up and stop needing to be petted and treated with kid gloves!  You have a shield of faith, wield it!!  Don’t stand there with what the Bible calls “drooping hands”.  Jesus has commanded you to get up and walk!  As long as you sit crying in your root beer you will never walk into the promises and the fullness of life that awaits you!   This isn’t just important for you, but for your loved ones and those God has destined you to touch for Him!
     You can’t be of help to others if you are always looking at what all has happened to you.   Nobody wants to be around a negative person.  If you want friends, be a friend and be a positive friend. Sow what you want to grow in your own life.  Believe me, it will be so much better than staying stuck in yesterday!!  Have a NEW and blessed day, all day!!

God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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